Global automotive parts companies

Global automotive parts companies
Bosch BOSCH is the world’s most well-known supplier of automotive components. Our main products include batteries, filters, spark plugs, brake products, sensors, gasoline and diesel systems, starters, and generators..
DENSO, the largest automotive component supplier in Japan and a subsidiary of Toyota Group, mainly produces air conditioning equipment, electronic control products, radiators, spark plugs, combination instruments, filters, industrial robots, telecommunications products, and information processing equipment.
Magna Magna is the world’s most diversified automotive component supplier. The products are very diverse, ranging from interior and exterior decorations to powertrain, from mechanical components to material components to electronic components, and so on.
Continental Germany has a wide range of products, including brake calipers, safety electronic devices, in vehicle intelligent communication systems, automotive instruments and fuel supply systems, which have the highest global sales volume; Electronic brake systems and brake boosters rank second in global sales.
ZF ZF Group (ZF) is also a renowned automotive parts manufacturer in Germany. Its main business scope includes active safety systems, transmissions, and chassis components for German cars. After completing its acquisition of TRW in 2015, ZF became a global automotive parts giant.
Aisin Precision Machinery Group of Japan ranked 324th among the 2017 Fortune Global 500 companies. It is reported that Aisin Group has discovered a method of developing electric hybrid systems for automatic transmissions at the lowest cost, and designed a single motor hybrid system to adapt to the position of the torque converter in the gearbox assembly.
Hyundai Mobis mainly provides components for Hyundai Kia’s automotive products. Currently, Hyundai’s 6AT transmissions are all works of Mobis, while the 1.6T engine is matched with a dual clutch transmission, also from Mobis. Its factory is located in Yancheng, Jiangsu.
Lear Lear Group is primarily a global supplier of automotive seats and electrical systems. In terms of car seats, Lear has launched 145 new products, of which 70% are used in high consumption crossover cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. In terms of electronic systems, Lear has launched 160 new products, including the industry’s most advanced networking gateway module.

Valeo Group focuses on designing, producing, and selling automotive components, with the most comprehensive sensor portfolio in the market. Collaborated with Siemens to develop a new energy vehicle drive motor project, and signed a contract to settle in Changshu in 2017. The products are mainly supplied to major domestic automobile host manufacturers. Valeo has visited the production base of Xinbaoda Electric and has a strong interest in our self-developed magnetic pump motor series for new energy vehicle battery cooling systems.
Faurecia Faurecia is a French automotive parts company that mainly produces car seats, emission control technology systems, car interiors and exteriors, and is a world leader. In addition, Faurecia (China) has also signed a joint venture agreement with Wuling Industry to establish a joint venture company. In Europe, Faurecia has also established a seat project with Volkswagen Group. Faurecia and Xinbaoda Electric have in-depth cooperation to explore our company’s motor development capabilities, especially in the automotive seat motor series.
Adient, one of the largest automotive seat suppliers in the world, has been officially separated from Johnson Controls since October 31, 2016. After independence, the operating profit for the first quarter increased by 12% to $234 million. Andaotuo and Xinbaoda Motors maintain good high-level contact and pay attention to Xinbaoda’s automotive seat motor series.
Toyota Textile TBCH Toyota Textile Group has invested and established 19 companies, mainly engaged in the research and development, production of automotive seats, seat frames, and other interior components, filters, and engine peripheral components, providing automotive related components for Toyota and General Motors and other main engine manufacturers. Toyota Textile maintains good high-level contact with Xinbaoda Motors and pays close attention to Xinbaoda’s automotive seat motor series.
JTEKT JTEKT merged Guangyang Seiko and Toyota Industrial Machinery in 2006 to create a new “JTEKT”, which produces and sells JTEKT brand automobile steering gear and drive parts, Koyo brand bearings for various industries, and TOYODA brand machine tools. Follow Xinbaoda’s automotive AMT power motor project.
Schaeffler has three major brands: INA, LuK, and FAG, and is a leading global provider of rolling and sliding bearing solutions, linear and direct drive technology. It is also a well-known supplier of high-precision products and systems in the automotive industry’s engine, gearbox, and chassis applications. Follow Xinbaoda’s automotive AMT power motor project.
Autoliv’s main products include automotive electronic safety systems, seat belt systems, electronic control units, and steering wheel systems. Currently, it is the world’s largest manufacturer of ‘automotive occupant protection systems’. Autoliv (China) maintains good high-level contact with Xinbaoda Motors and pays close attention to Xinbaoda’s automotive electric seat motor series.
Denadner is a global supplier of powertrain components such as axles, transmission shafts, off road transmissions, seals, and thermal management products and services in the United States. Pay attention to Lihui’s automotive AMT power motor project.

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