Correct installation and maintenance of planetary gear reduction motors

Before installation, it should be confirmed that the motor and planetary gear reducer are complete and undamaged, and the dimensions of the adjacent parts of the driving motor and reducer should be strictly aligned. This refers to the size and common service between the positioning boss and shaft diameter of the drive motor flange and the positioning groove and hole diameter of the reducer flange; Wipe and dispose of common dirt and burrs.


Step 2: Unscrew the screw plug on the process hole on the side of the reducer flange, rotate the input end of the reducer, align the clamping hexagonal screw cap with the process hole, and insert the hexagonal socket to loosen the clamping hexagonal socket screw.


Step 3: Hold the drive motor in hand, make the keyway on its shaft perpendicular to the clamping screw of the reducer input end hole, and insert the drive motor shaft into the reducer input end hole. When inserting, it is necessary to ensure that the concentricity of both sides is equal and the flanges on both sides are parallel. It seems that the difference in centrality or non bending of the two flanges must be investigated for the cause. Additionally, it is strictly prohibited to use hammering during placement, as it can prevent excessive axial or radial force from damaging the bearings of both. Additionally, it is possible to determine whether the two are compatible through the feel of the device. The key to determining the common concentricity and flange parallelism between the two is that after they are inserted into each other, the flanges of the two are tightly attached and have equal loopholes.


Step 4: To ensure that the adjacent flanges of the two are evenly stressed, first screw on the fastening screws of the drive motor arbitrarily, but do not tighten them; Then gradually tighten the four fastening screws diagonally; Finally, tighten the clamping screw of the input end hole of the planetary gear reducer motor. Be sure to tighten the fastening screws of the drive motor before tightening the clamping screws of the input end hole of the reducer. Careful: The accurate placement between the reducer and the equipment deployment of the machine is similar to the accurate placement between the planetary gear reducer and the drive motor. The key is to align the concentricity of the planetary reducer output shaft with the input shaft of the driven department. With the continuous growth of control motor applications, the application of planetary gear reduction motors in the field of active control drives will also be increasing.



Post time: May-11-2023